Everything we achieve in life is a matter of “learning” something.
We all may be have some pre-installed skills or parts of skills, all the rest we will learn during the time we live.
There are no doctors or lawyers from birth. Only boys and girls arrive as newborn in this world. All the rest they have to learn somewhere.

I wasn’t successfull from birth either and just like a lot of people, I had my share in miserie during my life.
But wat doesn’t kill you can make you stronger, … if you allowe it.
I was born in a wealthy family with a father who was successfull in running his compagny.
While I was growing up, problems rised more and more in my fathers life and I saw all the good things we had slipping away through my fingers without having any control over it.
So, I got frustrated and lost my fate in life. After a few difficult years of being young, I decided to turn it and went for whatever brought quality in my life. It worked! ;-)
I met my wife when we were 16 years old and we decided to do “it” differend. Whatever "it" was.
I wasn’t the greatest student at that time but I wanted to learn new things.
I discoverd that I could learn anything I wanted, aslong it was important enough.
To understand everything that happend in the past, I started to study psychology, read books aboud neurology, markething, sales, …
I tried a few jobs and acceped a few challanges and l learned a lot of things ... “the hard way”.
When I had the opportunity to coach people, I dicovered that everything I took for ganted, could help other people to grow in life to.  That Idea never left me since 2005 and I started a project in personal development in Belgium.
In 2017, I started to learn English, video presentation, SocialMedia marketing to go world wide with it.
It took me over 30 years to become who I am now and I'm ready to share all my insights and ideas with anyone who want to.
So, if you want to discover what your possibilities are and you don't want to waist 30 years of your life, let me know.

I hope to speak you soon.
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